Materbatches are concentrates of additives, pigments, or fillers in a polymer. They are designed to provide a maximum ease of handling with almost no dust contamination of the user’s facilities. An optimal dispersion of the additives, pigments, or fillers are required to make masterbatches as user friendly as possible. Therefore, it is essential to achieve exceptional mixing performances and gentle material processing at the same time. Gentle processing is essential to keep the structure of the functional pigments, additives, or fillers and thus, to achieve maximum performance with an optimum content of the resins.

We can exactly control the energy input into the material, and monitor the temperature profile along the kneader process length. Thus, we find the optimum balance of gentle processing and intensive mixing.



Gentle material processing and excellent mixing due to the unique principle of operation.
Minimum wear due to low pressure processing unit
Highest filler loadings achievable
Injection of fluids straight into the process section
Narrow residence time distribution