Supplier's Portal

The company's success also depends on the performance of our suppliers:

For our customers, we strive for maximum performance - together with our suppliers.
The goal is to achieve a steady improvement in product quality and delivery performance for our customers. Purchasing takes into account the high demands placed on us by our customers and is responsible for the quality of the external purchases. A very important part of this success take our suppliers, who are also committed to these goals.

We need powerful partners who can identify themselves with the following points:

Adherence to Schedules
Reliability, specialist and problem-solving competence as well as flexibility are your strengths.

Cost Responsibility
Part of our cost calculation is the pricing of our suppliers.
We therefore expect transparent pricing.

Quality Responsibility
Their quality assurance philosophy is based on the principles of a "zero defect strategy" and continuous improvement in cost, quality, deadline and service. They work preferrably with an efficient quality management system